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Our Fleet

Our fleet can transport anywhere between 1 to 9 passengers in the Beechcraft King Air and up to 36 passengers in the Dash 8-100 series aircraft.

See more technical specifications on our fleet listed below.


Beechcraft Super King Air B200

The King Air is a world renowned twin-turbo prop aircraft that has served the aviation community well for many years.

The spacious air-conditioned cabin is fitted with large tint-adjustable windows and ample baggage space.  These features ensure that a flight in our King Air is a pleasant experience.

The King Air aircraft are equipped with the latest avionics and safety systems, including weather radar, colour map GPS, flight management systems and terrain awareness warning systems (TAWS).


Passengers: Up to 9
Crew: Single Pilot (Two Pilot operations also available)
Features: Air-conditioned, pressurised
Speed knots: 260kts (489 km/hr)
Max Altitude: 35,000ft (10,670m)
Range: 1,400nm (2,520km)

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Bombardier Dash 8-100

The Dash 8 is recognised for being a leader in its class for short field performance.  It is one of the only aircraft operating in Western Australia that can take off from remote mine site locations in most of the extremes of temperatures seen in the summer, without having to offload passengers.

The aircraft are configured in a spacious 2×2 seating layout with comfortable leather seats.  The aircraft are fitted with a galley, large baggage compartment and toilet facilities.  The Dash 8 is equipped with modern avionics, including weather radar, EGPWS and TCAS II.


Passengers: Up to 36
Crew: Two Pilots and One Flight Attendant
Features: Air-conditioned, pressurised and on board toilet facilities
Speed knots: 250kts (460km/hr)
Max Altitude: 25,000ft (7,620m)
Range: 1,200nm (2,200km)

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